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Oh, I meant to ask in return. It was very interesting. That's great that you have joined a group. Do you mean you went to kindergarten in France, or you went to a french kindergarten in Sweden?

I like being home-schooled very much. Obviously there is no way to know, but I feel I turned out much better as a result. In my experience, home schooled people (in the US) are on average brighter and think more clearly. I have several friends who are also home-schooled, or were.

My mother taught me, until a couple years ago when I started doing algebra etc. Since then I have mostly taught myself. The only way I think I'm disadvantaged is in science, which I +/- stopped studying, and to a lesser extent math, which though I don't study it a ton, I'm more naturally quick with it. And anyway, I very much doubt that I will ever do anything that involves very much of either.

Sorry to ramble on again.

2011-06-29 @ 23:07:29
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2011-07-02 @ 10:51:07
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Åh, vill också ha sånt fint :)

2011-07-12 @ 19:12:48
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